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Tietjegroup would like to thank you for your visit on our webpages and your interest in our company and our services. The protection of your privacy in regard to processing is an important matter to us. Therefore, your data will exclusively be processed in accordance with the provisions of the German Data Protection Act as well as the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union. We want you to feel safe during your visit on our pages.


With this data protection declaration, we comply with our information obligations towards our visitors and users of these pages in accordance with Art. 13 of the EU Data Privacy Basic Regulation (EU-DSGVO). The protection of personal data is of central importance to us. Personal data is individual information about personal or factual circumstances of a certain or determinable natural person. This includes information such as name, address, e-mail and telephone number. The legal basis for data protection can be found in the EU-DSGVO, the German Telemedia Act (TMG) and the EU ePrivacy Regulation. Translated with (free version)

Your rights in regards to data protection as a user of this website (rights of the persons affected)

The data protection law views you as an affected person of our initiated collection of your personal data in the scope of your visit on our website. Accordingly, the legislator has made provisions for a number of rights of the persons affected that you can make use of as a user of this website. In particular, these rights are the following:

You have the right to receive information free of charge about your stored personal data, its origin and recipients and the purpose of data processing at any time - without giving reasons. You also have the right to correct, amend, block or delete this data. You can also restrict the processing of your data and/or object to the processing (right of objection) for reasons arising from your particular situation, you also have in principle the right to data transferability. If you have given us permission to process your data, you can revoke this permission at any time. You also have the right of appeal to the supervisory authority according to Art. 77 EU-DSGVO.

Contact Data: Responsible Person – Data Protection Coordinators – Data Protection Officer

If you have any questions regarding data protection at CLC China Logistic Center GmbH that cannot be answered with the information provided in this privacy policy or if you would like to put your rights as a person affected into practice, you have the following opportunities to contact us:

The management or executive board that you can find in the imprint on is responsible for data processing. However, given that the management has an abundance of other responsibilities, we recommend contacting our data protection coordinators (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) directly. You may also send your inquiry by mail; the corresponding address can be found in the imprint as well.

Furthermore, tietjegroup has commissioned an external data protection officer that is available under This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We would like to inform you that you may address any of our employees with your inquiries regarding your rights as a person affected. However, it would present a great relief to us if you would address your concerns directly to our data protection coordinators (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

If you would like to make use of your right of appeal according to art. 77 GDPR, please contact the responsible supervisory authority.

Recipients of Personal Data

If you submit your personal data to us, the main recipients are the employees of CLC China Logistic Center GmbH that have been entrusted with it. Moreover, it is possible that we commission other companies or individuals with the fulfilment of tasks in our name, for instance services that you requested through the contact inquiry (e.g. a printed product brochure). In this case, it is possible that the companies commissioned by us get to process your data for the intended purpose. For more detailed information regarding this matter, please see the section “Obligations of Employees and external Service Providers” and “Cooperation with external Service Providers”.

Transmission of Personal Data in a Third Country

We have no intention of transmitting personal data outside the scope of the EU-DSGVO. In general, data will only be transferred to third countries with a recognized level of data protection or on the basis of special guarantees, such as contractual obligations through so-called standard protection clauses of the EU Commission. Depending on the browser settings, e.g. IP addresses and/or so-called "referral links" or online identifiers may be transferred. The combination of these data not initiated by us does not exclude the possibility that personal data may arise and be processed outside the scope of the EU-DSGVO. You can prevent the transfer in your browser, for more details see the section "Google Web Services".

Duration of Storage

Personal data that has been submitted over our own website will only be stored until its intended purpose is fulfilled. Taking retention periods in accordance with commercial and fiscal laws into consideration, the duration of storage of specific data can be up to 10 years.

Intention of Data Collection

The use of our site is usually possible without providing personal data. For the use of individual services on our site, different regulations may apply, which in this case will be explained separately below and will inform you in particular about the type, scope and purpose of the collection, use and processing of personal data. Nevertheless, it applies that we only process personal data to the extent that this is necessary for the provision of a functioning website and our contents and services.

Sollte es somit zu einer Erhebung von personenbezogenen Daten kommen, dann liegt der Zweck in der technischen Bereitstellung unseres Webauftritts, zu Informationszwecken und vertraglichen Zwecken bei der Leistungserbringung. Es können auch Daten zu Marketing und Werbezwecken erhoben werden. Jegliche Nutzung Ihrer personenbezogenen Daten erfolgt nur zu den genannten Zwecken und in dem zur Erreichung dieser Zwecke erforderlichen Umfang. Wenn Sie sich bei uns über die Webseite bewerben, dann ist der Zweck der Datenverarbeitung die mögliche Anbahnung eines Beschäftigungsverhältnisses.

Rechtsgrundlage der Datenerhebung

Personal data may only be processed in accordance with a legal base. Whenever we process personal data in the scope of our web presence, we generally do so due to legitimate interest of the person responsible, article 6, paragraph 1 GDPR.

The preservation of legitimate interests is a balance of interests and includes not only our interests as the company responsible for the processing but also the interests of the users of our websites. We as a company want to inform you about our company as well as our services. You as a user and potential customer, supplier, competitor, information seeker and/or applicant have an interest in informing yourself about is, our services and products in a technically accessible and comfortable way. Moreover, we give our visitors the opportunity to get into contact with us through our website. Respectively, the processing of data complies with the interests on both ends. At the same time, the processing of personal data is reduced to a minimal extent so that we come to the conclusion that the preservation of legitimate interest can act as the legal base for the processing.

In regard to the application process, we use the legal ground of contract and contract initiation (article 6, paragraph 1 GDPR), especially § 26 BDSG (German Data Protection Law, Data Processing for Purposes of Employment Relationships). For more information, see the section “Applications”.

In addition, we also use the legal ground of consent within the application procedure (Art. 6 para. 1 lit. a EU-DSGVO). This consent is voluntary and serves the purpose of personnel recruitment and the transfer of your data to an internal talent pool. You will find more details in the section "Applications". Art. 7 EU-DSGVO requires your consent for the use of your data: You are free to decide whether or not to give consent. There are no negative consequences if you do not give your consent. You can also revoke your consent at any time, either in whole or in part, for the future. The lawfulness of the processing based on the consent remains in force until revoked. This means that despite the revocation of the consent, the processing will not become unlawful in the past.

As part of the application procedure, special categories of personal data within the meaning of Art. 9 para. 1 EU-DSGVO (in particular health data) may be disclosed, transmitted and/or requested by applicants, so that the person responsible can fulfil the obligations arising from labour law and social security and

of the social protection obligations. At the same time the person concerned (usually the applicant) special categories of disclose personal data in order to exercise his rights. The processing then takes place on the basis of Art. 9 para. 2 lit. b. EU-DSGVO. In the case of a possible assessment of the applicant's ability to work for the medical Diagnostics, care or treatment in the health or social sector or for the administration of systems and services in the health care or In the social field the processing is based on art. 9 par. 2 lit. h. EU-DSGVO.

Der Rechtsgrund der Einwilligung kann von uns auch Rahmen von Marketingvorgängen genutzt werden. Eine Einwilligung kann von Ihnen ggf. über technische Maßnahmen, die mit diesen Webseiten verknüpft sind, von Ihnen erbeten werden. Den Inhalt und der Umfang der Einwilligung finden Sie dann entsprechender Stelle. Für diese Art von Einwilligungen gelten ebenfalls die Anforderungen nach Art. 7 EU-DSGVO, welche im vorherigen Absatz beschrieben wurden.


Our web site makes use of so-called Cookies, which serve as a means of making our online presence as a whole more user-friendly, more effective as well as more secure – for example when it comes to accelerating navigation on our platform.

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer system. Cookies do not damage your computer and do not contain viruses. We would like to point out that some of these cookies are transferred from our server to your computer system, whereby these are usually so-called "session cookies". "Session cookies" are characterized by the fact that they are automatically deleted from your hard drive at the end of the browser session. Other cookies remain on your computer system and enable us to recognize your computer system during your next visit (so-called permanent cookies). Of course, you can refuse cookies at any time, provided your browser allows this. However, we would like to point out that in this case you will not be able to use all the functions of our website to their full extent.

The help-function in the menu bar of most web browsers will explain how to keep your browser from accepting new cookies, how to make your browser notify you whenever you receive a new cookie or even how to turn off all received cookies.

Naturally, you can subsequently delete all cookies. The procedure is dependent on your browser as well as your operating system. We kindly ask you to look up the correct procedure for subsequent deletion of cookies for your system.

Server Log

Every visit to the pages of this website is recorded and stored in the so-called server log files. This data is used exclusively for the technical analysis of server usage, e.g. to avoid server overload and/or to control server load.

The collected data in this procedure specifically contains the following:

- The requesting host address

- Time and date of the request

- Name of the requested file

- HTTP status code

- Amount of transmitted data

- Internet page from which you visit us (referrer URL)

- Browser / operating system / interface

- Particulars about which server services were used

- Protocol version

This anonymous data is stored separately from any personal data you may have provided and therefore does not allow any conclusions to be drawn about a specific person. They will only be passed on to third parties if required by law or a court order. A transfer for commercial or non-commercial purposes does not take place. However, we reserve the right to check this data subsequently if we become aware of concrete indications of illegal use. This may be the case, for example, in the case of DDoS attacks on our websites.

Contact Opportunity

We offer you the option on our page to contact us via e-mail and/or contact forms. Your submissions from the request form, including the contact data you submitted in order for us to process the request and for the case of further questions will be encrypted before they are transmitted to and stored with us.

If you would like to contact us via e-mail, we would like to point out that the confidentiality of the transmitted information in unencrypted e-mails is not guaranteed. The content of unencrypted e-mails can be viewed by third parties (see section “Information Security).


Please use our encrypted upload function to apply for jobs with us. Applicant data will be stored for up to eighteen months after the end of the selection process.

In addition, when you send us an application, we ask that we may transfer your data to an internal talent pool. You then agree that we may process your data for a further two years for the purpose of personnel recruitment. This applies in the event that you are in principle an interesting candidate for us, but were not successful in the position for which you applied.

Use of Google WebServices

Like many other websites and service providers on the Internet, we use technical web services from Google. It can be assumed that Google collects and links the data that e.g. your cookies generate (such as online IDs and IP addresses). In combination with unique identifiers and other information received by Google servers, Google may also create profiles of users of this website and enhance existing profiles.

If you do not agree with this processing of your data, you have the option of deactivating Google's technologies and thus preventing the transmission of data to Google. You have several options for this: You can install suitable browser extensions (such as uMatrix or Disconnect, as of 25.04.2018) and instruct them to prevent the transfer of data to Google. You can also disable the Java-Script function in your browser. However, we would like to point out that in this case you will not be able to use parts of our website or only to a limited extent.

Google APIs

Our website uses Google APIs from Google Ireland Limited, registration number: 368047, Gordon House, Barrow Street, Dublin 4, Ireland (hereinafter: Google). This is a program interface provided by Google. Within the scope of use, data, such as in particular the IP address, can be transmitted to Google. You can prevent the collection and forwarding of personal data (in particular your IP address) to Google and the processing of this data by Google by deactivating the execution of JavaScript in your browser or by installing a tool such as 'NoScript'.


This site uses the map service OpenStreetMap. Provider is Openstreetmap Foundation, 132 Maney Hill Road, Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands, B72 1JU, United Kingdom. OpenStreetMap is a free, editable map of the entire world, largely re-created from scratch by volunteers and published under an open content license. The OpenStreetMap license allows free (or almost free) access to map images and all underlying map data. The project aims to promote new and interesting applications of this data. To use the features of OpenStreetMap it is necessary to store your IP address. This information is usually transferred to a server of OpenStreetMap and stored there. The provider of this site has no influence on this data transfer. The use of OpenStreetMap is in the interest of making it easy to find the locations we have indicated on the website. This represents a legitimate interest in the sense of Art. 6 para. 1 lit. f DSGVO. More information on the handling of user data can be found in the OpenStreetMap privacy policy:

Use and Transmission of Personal Data

If you commission us to provide a service, your personal data will only be used to the extent that is necessary for the execution of the commission (e.g. processing of information enquiries or requests for brochures). This especially includes the transmission of your data to transport companies, credit companies or other services used for service delivery or contract processing.

A further transmission, especially sale of your personal data to third parties, does not take place.

There are the following exceptions to this procedure: We disclose customer accounts and personal data about customers if we are legally obliged to do so or in exceptional cases if such disclosure is necessary to protect central rights of us and/or our customers and third parties, e.g. in the event of attacks on our network infrastructure. This may include, for example, exchanging data with companies specializing in the prevention and minimization of abuse and credit card fraud and/or IT security. It is expressly clarified that in this context, no data will be passed on to these companies for commercial use that is in contradiction to this data protection declaration.

Obligations of Employees and external Service Providers

It goes without saying that our employees and the service companies commissioned by us are obliged to maintain secrecy and to comply with the provisions of the EU-DSGVO.

Cooperation with external Service Providers

We commission other companies and individuals with the fulfilment of task on our account.

This can include, for instance, package delivery, dispatch of letters or e-mails, analysis of our databases, IT services, advertising measures, payment transactions as well as customer service. These service providers have access to personal information that is necessary for the fulfilment of the given tasks. However, they may not use them for other purposes. Furthermore, they are obligated to handle the information in accordance with this privacy policy as well as GDPR. If these sub-companies are processors as per article 28 GDPR, we have concluded respective lawful contracts with them.

Information Security

Tietjegroup uses technological and organisational security measures in accordance with the current state of knowledge to protect the data you provided us with from random or deliberate manipulation, loss, destruction or access by unauthorised individuals. Therefore, your data will be stored in a secure operating environment that is not accessible to the public. Our security measures will be reviewed periodically and constantly improved pursuant to the technological development.

If you want to contact us via e-mail, please be aware that the confidentiality of the submitted information is not ensured for unencrypted e-mails. The content of unencrypted e-mails can be accessed by third parties. Hence, we recommend sending confidential information either in an encrypted manner or by mail.

Your e-mail address will exclusively be used for our correspondence with you. There will be no deviating use or transmission to third parties.

Protection of your Data via TLS / SSL

To ensure safe data transmission on the internet we use the hybrid encryption protocol Transport Layer Security (TLS), more commonly known under its predecessor’s name Secure Sockets Layer Software (SSL). This software encrypts the information you submit. All information relevant to data protection are stored in a protected database in an encrypted state.

Consent, State and Change of this Privacy Policy

Current status is 14.08.2020.

We reserve the right to change this data protection declaration at any time with effect for the future in accordance with the applicable data protection regulations. We will publish the changes here.




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